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Space Availability

Presentation Practice Room

Presentation Practice Rooms are unvailable due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to assess the situation and make decisions, based on circumstances, as to when the Presentation Practice Rooms will be available again.


The Presentation Practice Rooms allow students to practice and record presentations. The purpose of these spaces is for practicing and refining presentations for classes, seminars, conference presentations, thesis defense, etc. 

A green screen is available for use in 262B.

Location: 2nd Floor, Rooms 262B and 248B

Occupancy: 1-7

Equipment: One large wall-mounted monitor, ceiling mounted video camera with small ceiling mounted monitor and ceiling mounted stereo microphone; desktop PC with video recording software; lectern and wall mounted whiteboard (eraser and markers in MakerSpace).

Reservations: MTSU students may reserve the space for 2 hours a day one week in advance. Faculty and staff may be present in the room to assist students but may not book the rooms.


Additional Room Policies (Terms and Conditions)


NOTE: Please bring a USB (8 G is recommended) if you plan to save the files. If you plan to save really large files, you should bring an external hard drive and allow ample time to download them (up to 30 minutes), which will be included in your reservation tim

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